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Travel – Fiscal Policy FI0705

Knoxville Campus Supplemental Policy – August 2016

Beginning Tuesday, October 1, 2013 the following categories of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students traveling abroad are required to complete the on-line international travel registration process and obtain approval before commencement of the international trip.

  1. All Faculty, Staff, and Students traveling abroad on University funds
  2. All Faculty, Staff, and Students traveling abroad on University business without University funds (example: a faculty member is invited to give a key-note address at a conference and his/her costs are fully paid by the conference)
  3. All Students traveling abroad and receiving academic credit
  4. All Students traveling abroad on non-credit programs sponsored by academic programs/departments

Beginning September 1, 2016, as part of the international travel registration process, all faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to purchase health, emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance.  Cultural Insurance Services International Provides such through this link: Faculty traveling with a group of students (study abroad programs and other group programs as defined by the CIE) are required to purchase insurance and provide proof that all students traveling with the group has also purchased the insurance before travel can be approved. (Examples of these groups are, but not limited to, athletics, band, chorus, and non-credit programs sponsored by academic colleges or departments.) Students traveling to countries with travel warnings are required to purchase insurance.

International travel registration is critical to the University’s risk management program and will allow the University to communicate with faculty, staff, and students in the event of an emergency. Registration is also required for faculty, staff, and students to receive emergency assistance from International SOS.

Students traveling on a faculty/staff member’s travel authorization request must also complete the on-line international travel registration process for any travel to be approved.

Students participating on study abroad programs through the Center for International Education are automatically registered and do not need to register again.

The link (international travel registration) is available on:

  1. The website of the Center of International Education
  2. The website of the Office of the Provost
  3. The website of the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration

If the registration process is not completed before commencement of the international trip:

  1. The traveler will not receive travel authorization and s/he will not be reimbursed for expenses
  2. The Traveler will not receive assistance from International SOS

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

For help with the registration process, please go to the international travel registration link provided above. For other questions, please contact Pia Wood, Associate Provost


John P. Zomchick, Interim Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor


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