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Alcohol Policy

Knoxville Campus Policy – Revised May, 2015

OBJECTIVE:  To provide guidance to the Knoxville campus on the possession, use and purchase of alcohol on campus and the purchase of alcohol off campus.

General Policy

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in compliance with federal, state and local law, allows lawful, responsible alcohol consumption at University functions, as long as the use occurs at a University activity and at a campus location where alcohol is allowed.


The University’s policy on student possession and consumption of alcohol is contained in Hilltopics, the Student Handbook. The current edition, reads:

“University regulations prohibit all student organizations from serving or permitting the consumption, possession, or display of any alcoholic beverage or containers at any time, or by anyone on University premises. Student organization officers are responsible for refusing admission to their social gathering of persons under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Student organizations sponsoring any social affair are responsible for its general decorum.”

The Standards of Conduct section reads: A student or student organization may be disciplined for the following types of misconduct: (19) Consuming, manufacturing, possessing, distributing, dispensing, selling, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages on University-controlled property or in connection with a University-affiliated activity.

Approved Campus Locations

The University also recognizes at select university functions the serving of alcohol is appropriate as alumni, donors, and other special guests are entertained. However, these functions are to be held in only approved locations and are subject to the following restrictions.

The approved locations are:

  • Anderson Training Center (Peyton Manning Room Only)
  • Ayers Hall (4th Floor Only)
  • Baker Center
  • Clarence Brown Theatre (Opening Night Only)
  • Claxton Complex, Suite 104, (NIMBioS Area Only)
  • Conference Center Building (4th Floor Only)
  • Haslam Business Building (excluding classrooms)
  • Hopecote
  • McClung Museum
  • Min Kao Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Building (6th Floor Terrace, including the adjacent lounge space inside)
  • Natalie L. Haslam Music Center (Atrium/Lobby, Band Room and Orchestra Room)
  • Neyland Stadium – East Club, West Club, and Tennessee Terrace Levels (not during university athletic events)
  • Neyland Thompson Sports Complex Turf Field
  • Plant Biotech Building
  • Pratt Pavilion – Recruiting Lounge
  • Tyson House
  • UT Gardens
  • Visitors’ Center


Alcoholic beverages may only be served by vendors who are properly licensed and possess all the appropriate state and local permits. Any individual serving alcoholic beverages must possess the appropriate license and credentials.

Currently enrolled students (undergraduate or graduate, regardless of age) may not be served or be in possession of alcoholic beverages at any University controlled event on or off campus.

Students should be clearly identified and servers be made aware of policy as to prevent students from being served.

The serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all academic buildings (unless the building is noted above as an approved location).

Due to the number of approved locations, only under extenuating circumstances shall exceptions be granted. The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration or their designee has the authority to grant these rare exceptions.

Stadium and Arena Suites

Alcohol may be stored and served inside the suites of Thompson-Boling Arena and Neyland Stadium. This is in accordance with the lease agreement executed between the University and the suite-holder. Alcohol must be stored and consumed within the defined suite area. The delivery of alcohol to the individual suites must conform to the stipulations outlined in the Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena security plans. Furthermore, University employees may not transport or store the alcohol products, and all movement of such products must be initiated by the suite-holders or their designee.

Approved Purchasing Processes

The University does not have a license to sell alcohol.

The University has an obligation to manage its funds in a manner consistent with the best interests of the citizens of Tennessee. Purchasing certain items may cause the public to believe the institution is not exercising its responsibility in an appropriate manner. Alcohol is one such item that comes under great scrutiny.

The purchase of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the University Procurement Card. If the card is used at certain alcoholic venders, the card will be denied. There are exceptions made for departments with unusual alcoholic purchases.

Alcoholic beverages may not be charged to any funds that preclude such expenditures because of donor or grant restrictions and may not be charged to state-appropriated accounts. There are specific “R” accounts which allow the purchase of alcohol assigned. E&G funds cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol; however, these funds can be used for the payment of the licensed server.

Purchasing and Entertainment policies must be followed.