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Project Governance


Governance, Roles and Responsibilities

To ensure the highest probability of success, UTK has identified project sponsors, project champions, and a Budget Allocation Model Steering Committee, with attendant responsibilities outlined below.

Project Sponsors Chris Cimino, Steve Mangum

  • Assume success of overall project
  • Oversee work of Steering Committee
  • Participate in resolution of project risks raised by Huron

Project Champions Working Group: Kim McCullock, James Price,
Gary Gray, Keith Thomas

  • Serve as day-to-day liaisons for Huron
  • Participate in project management and coordination
  • Participate in meetings as needed to provide UTK perspective
  • Assume ownership of initiative activities beyond Huron involvement

Steering Committee See Steering Committee member list below

  • Oversee current state assessment and initial model design
  • Serve as decision-making body for all model elements
  • Participate in initial model customization for sharing with Deans
  • Review feedback from Deans through model development

Deans College Deans

  • Provide feedback on model development activities
  • Refine allocation model design and participate in model approval at conclusion of consensus building phase

Other Stakeholders Unit leaders, Faculty representatives

  • Provide feedback on model development activities

Data Owners As needed, particularly in model development

  • Support Huron’s understanding of key data sets that contribute to model design

Steering Committee

A steering committee, made up of individuals representing various campus units, was selected at the beginning of the fall 2019 semester.

  • Chris Cimino, Sr. Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration (Co-Chair)
  • Steve Mangum, Dean, Haslam College of Business (Co-Chair)
  • Phillip Daves, Associate Professor, Haslam College of Business
  • Ernie Freeberg, Department Head & Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Gary Gray, Assistant Provost, Finance & Administration
  • RJ Hinde, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Terri Lee, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Ami McBride, Budget Director, College of Engineering
  • Kim McCullock, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration
  • Sally McMillan, Interim Director & Professor, College of Communication & Information
  • Lindsay Melton, Asst. Dean, Finance, College of Nursing
  • James Price, Executive Director, Finance & Administration
  • Ann Robinson-Craig, Budget Director, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Keith Thomas, Director, Budget & Finance
  • Dixie Thompson, Vice Provost & Dean, Graduate School
  • Hongwei Xin, Dean, UT Ag Research
  • Jason Young, Professor and Director, School of Architecture
  • John Zomchick, Provost & Sr. Vice Chancellor

Project Consultant

Huron Consulting Group was engaged to assist us with the budget model redesign and software implementation. Huron has helped dozens of institutions with similar initiatives and provided support to the committee in numerous ways, from data analysis and modeling to the sharing of best practices, lessons learned and case studies.