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James Price

Assistant Vice Chancellor

(865) 974-2438 Offices of Budget & Finance and Bursar Oversight, DASH Project Financial Lead

Budget, Planning, Reporting & Analysis

Keith A. Thomas, CPA

Assistant Vice Chancellor

(865) 974-9826 BAM/Adaptive Primary POC, University Budget Primary POC, Year-End Close, IRIS Workflow Approvals, DASH/Oracle/EPM Primary POC, UTSA/UTSI/UTIA Primary POC, Reserves, Budget Transfers, Chancellor’s Faculty Challenge, Computer Upgrade Program, Staff Supervision, Unit Project POC
Raquel Beeson

Financial Analyst

(865) 974-9743 BAM/Adaptive, Reporting/Training/Documentation Lead, Metric Data Management & Analysis, Results Analysis/Modeling Lead, Scenario/LRP Development Lead, Merit, SharePoint, Alteryx
Calvin Chen

Financial Analyst

865-974-7817 BAM/Adaptive, Reporting/Training/Documentation, Metric Data Management & Analysis, Results Analysis & Modeling, Scenario/LRP Development
Gregg Pruitt

Senior Financial Analyst

(865) 974-3729 BAM/Adaptive Programming Lead, Metric Data Management & Analysis Lead, Results Analysis/Modeling Lead, Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis Lead, DASH/Oracle/EPM Project Lead
Matt Ward

Budget & HR Coordinator

(865) 974-3062 University Budget Support, IRIS Security, Personnel Workflow, Computer Upgrade Program, Unfilled Positions Review, OBF Accounting

Accounting & Compliance

Melissa Johnson


(865) 974-2186 Accounting, Financial & Tax Compliance, Year-End Close, IRIS Master Data Maintenance, Agency/Fiduciary Fund Approval, Bad Debt Write-offs
Pamela Arrowood

Financial Specialist II

(865) 974-2428 Year-End Close, Departmental Ledger Reconciliation Reviews, Procurement Card Monitoring, Coordinate Sales Tax and UBIT Reporting, IRIS Master Data Maintenance
Randi Chadwell

Accountant II

(865) 974-7290 Recharge and Service Center Management, GASB Lease & SBITA reporting, JFO Invoice Approval, Monitoring of Scholarship & Fellowship Funds
Michelle McBee

Financial Specialist I

(865) 974-2581 Self-Assessment of Controls, Departmental Ledger Reconciliation Reviews, Professional Privilege Tax, Annual Leave & Inclement Weather Reporting, Asset Retirement Obligation Monitoring, Gift Card Unused Inventory Tracking, IRIS Master Data Maintenance, Year-end Non-sponsored Deficit Monitoring
Chasaty Smith

Administrative Specialist II

(865) 974-0623 Procurement Card Monitoring, IRIS Master Data Maintenance
Suzan Thompson

Financial Specialist III

(865) 974-4199 Governor’s Chairs, Centers of Excellence, Chairs of Excellence, Facilities Space Survey, F&A Indirect Cost Proposal, JFO Administration, THEC-related Reporting, IRIS Master Data Maintenance, Year-end Non-sponsored Deficit Monitoring

Brandon Herriage

Project Manager

(865) 974-4204 DASH Process Support