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Understanding and Printing Ledgers from IRIS

Ledgers should be reconciled for all Active funds under the departments fund center. UT_Ledger is the preferred type of ledger to be reconciled; however, you may choose whichever you prefer.  Only one ledger is required per fund.

To print a list of all active cost centers for your fund center use:

ZCO_CC_MASTERDATA (fill in Fund Center, Fund Valid To: 12/31/9999 and Execute).

To print a list of all open Restricted Funds use:

ZPS_WBS_ATTRIBUTES (fill in Fund Center, WBS Element Status: “Released” and Execute).

To print a list of all open Asset/Liability Funds use:

Z_FM_ZFMFINCOD (fill in Fund Center, FM: Valid To: 12/31/9999 and Execute).

Departments are required to reconcile all funds that can be posted by the department. Ledgers are to be printed promptly following the close of the period and reconciliation process should be completed by the close of the next period; for example, if at all possible, April ledgers should be reconciled by the time May closes.

Ledgers should be printed for different types of funds. The most common are:

A – Statement of Net Assets Funds; including A/R, Deposits and Revolving Accounts
E – Expense; Educational and General, Auxiliaries
I – Income; Educational and General, Auxiliaries
R – Restricted; Grants and Contracts, Gifts, Scholarships

Types of ledgers to print depending on the type of Fund:

  1. ZFM_UT_LEDGER – University of Tennessee Ledger is the latest ledger format to print “E“, “I” and “R” ledgers.  To reconcile click here.
  2. ZDEPT_LEDGER is the older ledger format to print “E“, “I” and “R” ledgers.  To reconcile click here.
  3. ZE_LEDGER is the older Departmental Ledger Report (No Staff Benefits) to print the E account with no staff benefits, used for those accounts that are centrally funded for staff benefits.  To reconcile click here.
  4. Use ZALEDGER Fund Ledger Report to print “A” ledgers.  Enter the fiscal year and period.  Click the Execute icon and your ledgers will be generated. To reconcile click here.

Please note:  Follow the reconciling instructions based on the chosen ledger format.

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